Who are your favourite writers of all time?
J.K Rowling, Christopher Paolini, Nicholas Sparks 

What are your favourite live shows of all time?
Britain's Got Talent, The X Factor. 

Who are your favourite actors of all time?
Emma Watson and the other HP's cast, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Logan Lerman, Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper and yeah Johnny Depp!

Who are your favourite presenters of all time?
Ant and Dec from BGTalent, Ellen haha

Who are your favourite singers of all time?
singer. singer. Adam Levine, Ellie Goulding, Yuna, Ryan Tedder, Beyonce, Pink, Michael Buble.

Do you have any favourite model of all time?
Miranda Kerr.

Do you have any kinds of like mission or dream that you wanna do?

Find cure for cancer. Make lonely people happy.

Are you a family kind of guy?


Are you a bad or a good guy?


Are you a happy or a sad person?

Well, I think it is depending on who I am with. I can be both.

Are you a religious or a realistic person?

I have faith in God, but I do open my mind to all the possibilities in life.

Why exactly do you want to write about your life to the world?

I don't think that I actually want to publicize my private life to the world. it's just for certain people to read. (and for special ones like you).

Do you like sport?
No, but I do everything to keep fit.

Do you play music instruments?

Used to learn piano. A bit of uke.

Do you like to criticize?

I do. In my head.

Do you like to whine?

All the time.

Do you like to gossip?

With my crazy friends, yeah.

Do you like to laugh?

I always laugh like a retard and seadog  

What kind of girl do you like the most?

I prefer someone who is simple, confident, less conflict and a bit adventurous.

Do you like pets? or do you have any?

I do. Couldn't live without them. Our never-return-profit investment in the family. 


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