Cajun Corn and Kale Salad
credit : Tumblr

My mission for this year is to be a vegetarian. slowly. Reason? I'm having an experiment whether my body can stand it or not, and to see if there any changes to my body metabolism, and to my physical and mental growth. Some people once told me that, there'll be no changes at all. and i want to know why. Other reasons? i think i should give it a try. so, wish me luck people! and things below were all my old missions. Which some i successfully achieved, while some didn't.

And i really am trying to be a vegetarian.but not too rush. so if you still see me eat some meats, please don't scold and kill me lol.





the reasons why i really become a vegetarian is because of my dad. He loves meat and seldom eat vegetable. at. all. and i know that i'm a direct copy of him. our character. our temperament. our way of thinking. same. but the only different is that i love eating vegetable and i don't favour meat. he is a stage 4 prostate cancer patient for the time being. and i hope he will recover soon. i want him to be as healthy as ever. and i'm going to support him mentally and physically by not eating meats as the source of protein too. i'm trying. yes. and im not doing this casually for fun. no. i want my dad back and i don't want to be the exact copy of him.


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