Welcome to 2016!

Hey, It's 2016 already! Could you believe it?

I'm excited tbh. I'm planning a lot of stuff to do this year before I graduate. I foresee that this will be my toughest year ever. I'll be graduating soon. Working life will be coming next and I need to prepare myself for that. 

1. I want to learn how to swim.
I always know that I need to learn swimming, but because I have this low self-esteem before, I didn't have much courage to even go to the swimming pool. But I went to once last November and I realized that it wasn't much. I should really go frequently until I really am good at it. Thanks to my friends Marvis and Chris for helping me and giving me the confidence that I needed.

2. Be more perseverance.
I'd started doing plant tissue culture this semester. It was tedious and actually I'm still doing it at the moment. I couldn't even go back home during this coming semester break because I need to go to the lab to check on my babies culture. Lots of problems rose up during this semester, I couldn't deny more to this. Lab mates being selfish, family problems, friends' dramas, study,etc..
So, for this new year I really hope that I could be more perseverance and keep it cool all the way until I graduate. I know that it ain't easy but it worth the try.

3. Get better in using Ai and Ps.
I attended this campus crash course last month for about 3 days. It wasn't much but still they did teach me a bit of the basic features in both Ai and Ps. At least, I'm not very stress out feeling stupid now, compared to previously LOL. After learning all these features, I realised that I'd been doing all these stuff before. I did design some poster for various kind of campus events but I never used Ai or Photoshop before. I used various features on free software available and I used to combine them on one main canvas. I create something like I how I vision them to be. But I never knew the term for the effects what so ever. But now after learning a gist of it, now I know what are the stuff that I had been doing all along. Easier by just using Ai.

4. Jog and get fit.
I stopped jogging since the start of this semester. I regret it so much. I should just continue my effort from last year. Now, I even lost my breath after walking for a while. Shame on me.


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