Resource Biotechnology Bold and Beauty Dinner 2015

I never really want to be the committee member and to get involved in any dinner, but when Ain ask me to join last semester, for this semester, I agreed. Dayang Ain is one of my friend from PASUM, same with me. She helps me a lot during the first semester in my first year here in UNIMAS. I was alone with no friends and so I sat with her and follow most of her schedule (which I changed a week after that). I followed her in the decoration committee. I love decorating. But then, Ain decided to fill that freaking form for exchange student programme in Korea and she gets it. I was left to handle this with this 3 first year students and Seha, the one who ganti Ain.

When Ain was not around, I actually decided to not attend the dinner and stop all these nonsense, but when they said the first year students are not supporting this event, I feel bad and so I started to bring others to come. I influenced them with many strategy. I even told them that the lecturer are so saddening, where they have to pay more to fill in the empty seats. I tricked them so they will come to the dinner. Which are making me feel very bad, lying to them. Sorry to all the victims (Leonard and Christie!). 

I really didn’t put so much effort in this, (I think) because I did all the designs and decoration during my break times. I did them in between the time I did my assignment and studies. It wasn’t so hard but it was so tiring I’m not going to lie. But when the assignment keep on coming, means that the time for the decoration-making are less too. I even only slept for 2 hour due to these decorations and assignments. But all went on just fine.

On the day of the event, I drove to Margherita Hotel in the center of Kuching city with my juniors and Seha (she talks a lot haha and squeak too). It was located near the water front or should I say as one of the old part of Kuching. We reached there about 2pm and we were the first to reach the venue at Dewan Asajaya. I was feeling happy to see the backdrop was prepared by the hotel management. I was happy because it was my design. I also did the same design for our photo booth (although I changed it a bit). Although it was tiring, like Scha told me, “you’ll be satisfied and proud” after the event, which is true. I was so content to see people taking picture on the stage and on the photo booth with the backdrop design made by me. Although they didn’t thanked me for it, I still feel grateful. 

Everyone is having fun during the event. Although we feel awkward seating together with the first year, but there is nothing to be done. No other seats for us. But it was still great as our table was located in front, beside of the VIP table. The lecturers are having fun, some even sing for the karaoke sessions (Sabella force them to sing, it seems haha). But it’s okay. The only thing that make me feel miserable was that they all including the MT left us decoration people to clean the venue while they all go back home. Poor all my first year under me have to write their name on the entrance gate as we reach UNIMAS late at 12.30 am. Too bad. But everything went so well and I was satisfied with my own works.


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