Life must go on.

I had been busy for the whole week and no matter how I want to distract and entertain myself, it was futile. I still need to work hard on everything, apparently. I need to study more, talk less. Do more, procrastinate less. Think positively, less useless notions. And the list will goes on endlessly. But the most important question is, whether you are able to do it or not. And in my case, it is hard. I don't favour the hard times that I have to go through. 

There are a lots of things that we want to achieve, or some sort of your goal in life. Some have lots and some don't even give a damn about it. But honestly, I do. And this is a problem. I tent to think too much recently. As the semester moving toward the end (believe it or not!) there is more less about 2 weeks to mid semester examinations. No preparation have been done, obviously. Just going on with the flow thinking I'm competent in everything that I'm studying right now - which is absolutely the opposite! 

And the notions keep on interrupting my quality time for my own. Imagine you are short on time and have to take a shower, but your mind suddenly decided to think too much and you absolutely lost it. You're late to class. You're late to everything. Especially important stuff. Remember, timing is everything.

But no matter how I want to prevent myself from thinking, I still need to think! and this make me crazy sometimes. I'd been depressed, thinking about what branch or biotechnology should I pick for my Final Year Project (FYP) - whether about DNA, animal, plant, fermentation, microbes, etc.. And the most crucial thing, to choose which supervisor (SV) or lecturer to guide you till the end. I have a number of SV in mind but for the last two days, I'm so down to know that other people acted faster than me. Lots of the lecturer had been booked. The quota of 20 students per lecturer or SV. Is this even legal? Well, too bad. Pity me. And so, maybe this is already planned by God, who knows right. We never know. Life is never easy.

And to add more to my sorrow, the lecturer that I plan on confronting earlier had decided not to take any FYP student next semester (which is my batch). I'm speechless and I think my friends saw the changes in my facial expression. I couldn't even smile after the announcement. So who will I choose? But then I also realise that I'm not the lone ranger in this. One of my friend also did share with me his frustration on this matter. Funny. But I'm better in handling this compared to him. He absolutely lost it, completely. I think he cried (sorry!).

Life must go on.

That is what matter the most. We never know what will happen next. Nope. I'm currently doing my Plant Cell and Tissue Culture project proposal assignment. We had chosen Syngonium plant and our title is Micropropagation of Syngonium by shoot culture. We thought it was a rare plant, although we have a lots of these kind of plants at home (i think). But then, we found lots of research about this plant have been done. And to conclude to that, the methods and techniques used are known. So it is actually easier to comprehend the whole process. 

I'm doing the acclimatization of this syngonium plant. I know that I'm a bit slow in this, but I hope you guys bare it with me, okay? and sorry in advance to all my group members.

well this is not the plant. just something related to biotechnology. We will be having our dinner this coming Saturday and I have nothing to wear and I don't give a damn. I'm doing the decoration and with all my time and energy wasted on it, I hope people love it. I'll post them after the dinner.



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