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I guess that it have been a while since the last time I make a review on movies. we went to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service last week. It was amazing I'm not going to lie. Why would I? At first I thought it would be this kind of James Bond wannabe movie and typical action movies again. But I was terribly wrong. Its different and what more can I say, the story is about everything that I like the most. 

Manner Maketh Man
Why I love it? It is because the story is hilarious in a way that I understand it, it is about even gentlemen can do detective-spy jobs and not just buffy guys with muscles and abs showing everywhere. The main actor also doesn't act like typical heroes acting cool all the time - which is boring if you have been watching the same genre all these years!! It is about science fiction a bit (usage of science and technology to produce weapon - to kill human race, decrease the human population). And the weapons and gadgets they used are amazing, I believe that those bullet-proof umbrellas really symbolize the Kingsman as a whole to remember the story. People keep on talking about it!

Eggsy in the Kingsman is what I think we could call as normal lad and this is why I love the story, it is not typical. I think that the setting on where he actually lives is the same with Our Girl (check here). Even the story actually resemble a little, sort of. But unlike in Our Girl, Eggsy work for secret service society which do behind the scene jobs to save the world. The story shows to the world about the life of most English people in UK especially in London, which is one and the most prestigious, well-known place in the whole world. It is the main place in the world where everyone want to go and look up to. 

Despite all that, it is never all colourful and easy for the real people residing in London. Not all people are fortunate and are able to live a decent life. Eggsy is one of them. The mother is not able to support Eggsy alone and doesn't has the power to change the current state of economy. As a result, Eggsy who was once considered as a top student in primary school change so much that he acts like naughty adolescent living together with his good-for-nothing step father.  

He was not an orphan (without a father) before his father died in a mission to save Prof James Arnold, a climate change specialist or experts. His father was one of the member in this secret society of the Kingsman. These people do these jobs without getting the recognition or gratitude from the world. The kingsman used the old English names, such as Lancelot, Galahad and Merlin as a disguise. Which is why I love this story even more!

Harry, a dear friend of his father came to their home after his father passed away and to honour his father, Harry gave a medal of valour with a secret number and password to be said if they are in great need of help. Which is later, used by Eggsy and all the story started. Eggsy met Harry for the second time and as the Kingsman need another new member, he recruits Eggsy. But he still had to pass the qualifying test with all of the rest. The were given a dog each for them to take care of - which they have to shoot it at the end to test whether you are able to kill someone, (if needed). But of course, Eggsy failed and didn't used his brain and expelled from the academy.

He gets angry and tested Harry's judgement by saying that Harry is a heartless thug who even dare to kill innocent animal and even mummified it. Harry in return answered his accusation by telling him that the bullet were actually blanks, made just to test him and his dog didn't die after he shoot it on the hind leg (he used his brain), and the dog lives on with him for 20 long years. Eggsy was dumbfounded after hearing that and felt greatly sorry for all the words he shots at Harry. 

At the end, Harry died and Eggsy found out that the higher member of the society already changed sides to the enemy and without any hesitation, using all the knowledge he learnt, he kill him. He succeeds in saving the whole world by stopping Valentine (the villain) and Gazelle (lady with sword feet) by crashing the satellite and etc. It was interesting on how the mobile phones that we are using now might be able to kill us all by increasing the wavelength it is transmitting. Just like using a microwave oven. It is incredible.

p/s I don't know why but this "Eggsy" name is becoming so common now after watching the Boxtroll.   


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