Cinderella (2015). Be Courageous and Kind, Always.

It was Friday night and before everything become more chaotic and busy, so we went to watch Cinderella (2015) yesterday. I didn't actually plan of going anywhere but when my friend decided to bring me out using his car then, why not. But seriously, my back pain is coming back haunting me. 

As we all know, in these recent years Disney has been making most of their so called Disney animations, alive. But for me, there is more to that, instead of all the laugh, happy faces and happy endings, it is more of opening the eyes of people that there are reasons for everything. Why the villain turned to be so vicious and wicked etc... And so, before this, we never actually know why the stepmother in Cinderella was so bad to her. But after watching the new Cinderella (2015), I don't feel sick about her any longer, but I feel bad for her instead.

I don't think that I should explain the story in details for you, who doesn't know the story of Cinderella? And to be honest, although it is one that have less magic and imagination in it, I like it more than the rest since I was young. The story was simple and it shows the normal life of normal society. The sad parts in the story was about the dying of three people in the story. I don't like that. I believe that the story was not focus on kids with imagination, but for us grown up. Seriously, would you like to let your young kids to see others' parents died? Like 3 times in a movie? That's to much. But I know that Disney want to make it clear that its normal  to loose someone we love even at a very young age.

Okay that's all I guess. Thanks Harry and Marsha for the ride! And while eating at the Summer Mall's Food Court yesterday, I think that I saw Zul - my secondary school senior, I don't remember his full name. I actually wanted to go and meet him but, when we made eye contact he decided to look away. So Op and me decided to look away too. Funny how our arrogance led us. Well, till then. ciao.


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