A kid gets angry about his bag

Hello people!

I don't know what to say but, I'm terribly busy and because of that I'm mentally, physically tired. But maybe because we're already used to this kind of life style, we tend to ignore it. Ignore it and as a result, no life. But as you can see, it is absolutely normal.

When scroll down on my facebook home wall early this morning, I found one story that drench almost all my tears. All gone, none is left.
Compared to me, I believe that this kid is far more acceptable to the fact that he doesn't has his father any longer. I don't care whether or not it is based on true story or not but, the message that they are trying to convey is crystal clear. Not everyone has their life smooth and clear. Especially as students, we always forget our most important duty as student. We used our time doing other useless things more compared to studying and activities related. And we never fail to do those stuff, without thinking the consequences and the disappointment that they may feel.

I never actually think about it before. To be honest, when everything was going on so well and smoothly in our life we never could possibly understand and aware of these kind of notions. When we went through some difficulties back then, we grew to be very observant because the hardships are like like a switch that open your eyes wide open to all the possibilities that could happened. You will understand better about life and about people.

Blood is thicker than water

For me, the saying about blood is not thicker than water is not applicable when there is no love in this relationship. Family can be so scary I tell you. That i sometime think that my live is in danger when I'm around them (big family members). I feel so sorry for not being with my mom right now. I know that she is in real need of comfort and love from family members. But as we couldn't do anything about the distance, none can be done. She is lonely. I never would have thought that she could be this affected before. I always thought that she is a bold and strong women. But now, seeing how she works hard to continue living amaze me. I always aware that she is actually broken hearted. I know. But I couldn't do much for her and I feel so sick with myself.

After reading the story about the kids getting angry to his classmates that step on the bag given to him by his dearly departed father makes me cried this morning. Maybe because all the pressure that I'm having right now, I don't feel good. Lots of other things happened too and I just decided to ignore them. It is useless to even think about them, so why bother and I believe that is the best that I'm able to do.

People just will never understand and when they hear people starting to open their heart, they just try their best to change the topic. Its normal.



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