21 years as human

Feeling after turning 21? 




I'm able to do whatever I want now without people telling you not to. Not that I'm a drinker but, still I'm free to drink and go to adult's place freely. To act like one. 

It's funny even for me to think that I'm talking about this. Last year when my friend celebrated his 21's birthday, his house mates gave him condoms and some liquor as gifts. Not that he is going to do it but those are just as a symbol of getting into the adult world. As what one of my lec told us, "This is not the age that we could refuse to talk anything about sex. We should at least talk about it with our peer for once". To prevent unwanted occasion from happening. Okay, i think I talking too much on this haha. sorry.

No one celebrate my birthday. 
No one celebrate my birthday.
No one celebrate my birthday.
No condoms. No gifts. No liquor. (sorryyy)
Not that I'm hoping for them. hmmm
On my birthday, sadly, I brought Ophelia and Marvis to the Peach Garden to actually celebrate my 21st birthday. Sadly.

Why am I sulking? I. should. stop.

I didn't realize before this that lots of my friends were born not so long after I was. Two days after mine was Ophelia's and today was Claire's. Knowing the feeling to be left out and no one think about you on your birthday, on Op's birthday, I gladly offered to be her driver for her to wherever she wanted to go. I also brought Marsha and Rosedianna along. They were crazily hilarious, I never laugh so hard that I cried so much this year. Op had decided to celebrate her 21st birthday at PizzaHut at Desa Ilmu, Kota Samarahan. The customer service was great. We ordered one big and two regular pizzas. Bryan did come later. He then slept at my room as he was so lazy to clean his room yet. I'll upload some photos later..

Today, we celebrated my fellow biotech peer Claire's birthday. She is such a cute and timid lady. (sorry Chris!!). But I agree she is so adorable, even as a 21 years old. I didn't plan of going to Summer Mall today, but after mass at Blessed Sacrament Church. BDC, Op told me that she have something to redeem at The Face Shop. And so we went there and met the Mokirayou Family. And so we both suddenly joined the birthday celebration at the Little Angel Cottage @ Summer Mall.

Me and Ophelia with the Mokirayou Family :D

The cutting of SR's Chocolate Fudge Cake by Claire.


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