Back To School

New semester, new spirit?? I don't know why but I'm a bit stress out about it. People always said that, you will get pressured when you have the goal that you want to achieve. but if you just being hakuna matata in everything then it will be stress free.

I drove back to Kuching last 15th of February with Chris and Marvis. I feel bad for them actually, because they just come back to Kuching early one week to accompany me drive back here safely. One week. Just for me. no entertainment or what so ever. here. in. samarahan. hmmm. sorry bro. and thank you so much for accompanying me. I'm grateful.

It's true tho, after driving back and forth from Miri-Kuching, now i don't feel that it is so far away. Funny isn't it. When i drove back Limbang-Miri which is for about 2 hours, i felt that it is so near like i don't feel it is so far. weird.

When i reach in college, it was empty. really empty but I'm used to it already. Then at night we went to ASC to online but to our broken heart the uni had decided to block lots of website such as twitter, facebook and I think, flash player? My Friends couldn't download or even watch online the latest episode of running man. It was miserable. Like, what is the purpose of using your laptop if wasn't for surfing the Internet? not all guys in the world are gamers okay.

I'll be attending this uni's oath ceremony rehearsal this evening and the real ceremony tomorrow morning. I really hope it is worth the effort of coming early. On our way through the Pan Borneo highway we rest for a night at Chris's grandpa's house in Saratok area. It was just like entering a private zoo. They have lots of dogs, birds, ducks, chickens, tortoise, squirrels, fishes and pigs. Surprisingly, it was so clean and imagine we didn't even smell anything bad at the pig barn. I'm amazed on how they manage the place. I meant, their house. No flies and mosquitoes. Could you believe it? When I played with the dogs, I felt like I want to cuddle with them so much that I felt so embarrassed with my self, as a guy.

p/s at the end of the day, I'm so grateful for everything. All of them.


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