Week One Sophomore Year

Well, first day that I reached college the office was not open and so I had to stay at my friend Bryan’s room. Which is kind of so far away. Weird isn’t it. I don’t know why the management decided to not opening their office during the opening of the new semester. Which usually open. No matter what their logic is, I don’t get it. Even if they want to do it, they should release a notice beforehand. Earlier. But whatever it is, I’m just being grateful that I still get a place here. Despite me being extremely lonely. My course mates mostly are not staying inside campus anymore. So whenever we finish our lectures there will be the “bye-bye” and “see you tomorrow” and that kind of making me feel sad. As if I am left behind. Sad.

Concerning my house. It was great, really. I get my old house. Single room. Spacious enough for one person and I love it. The problem here is that I don’t really like my housemates especially the first year (freshies). Not that I’m sad about them not even give some respect (not that I care about it) but they act too much. Just too much. Proud kids. While there is nothing to be proud of. They are formerly the university’s foundation students and I don’t know why they are so proud. They show that sick face like all the time. They smokes, wet damp clothes hanging, shoes everywhere, very noisy and they are proud? Proud of what exactly? I just couldn’t help but being prejudice about it. Seriously. Forget it.

My first day in my sophomore year, both the lecturer were not around. Second day, I attend this young lecturer, Dr Chung which is charming enough that I can sense the girls are not even concentrating on what he was talking. Like seriously. I don’t know, but for me he just look like a guy from china that have an extremely small eyes. Not in a bad way, but yeah he is cute, you know with big smile and all that. No wonder lots of girl choose this class. Well I just followed my friend Leonard schedule. And I was actually amazed with young lecturers which get their PhD at a very young age. I want to get one too, so they inspired me big time.

Third day, I was so excited to attend this lecturer class because the rumour spreads of him being crazily strict. I’m not going to lie, I was indeed scared. But then it just went on smoothly. Dr Lee is a bit talkative, but that’s what a lecturer should be, right. So I like it. And he made me realize that I really have to work hard for this semester. Read more, understand. Not just for examination. This is the real deal, studying for life. And his words that crack me up the whole day was, “I don’t know why but, when I studied, I never able to get a B”. He is genius and I feel so small in front of him, but he remember my name on the first day which I feel grateful enough.

I still haven’t settle down I think because I am still feeling sad that I have to leave my dad at home and I’m not able to cook etc. I feel sick eating at the student pavilion and alone, which make it even worst. All of my friends are eating outside and I have no transport. Just stressful. But I think that by time, I’ll get used to it and it will be just nothing. People complaining that they didn’t get a place in residential college. Saying that the one that get didn’t even do anything. Well, that make me sad a little. For me, I feel like I harvest a great deal. I worked hard for it, and here is my prize. Compared to they who complain but get mark less than 50 points, I worked so hard to get more than 200 points. Just for this and what? I don’t deserve it. Funny. Acting so mighty but not even know anything. My friend told me, “Who cares”. And I completely agree with him.

Till then.


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