Katsaridaphobia and Apiphobia

Katsaridaphobia is fear toward cockroaches while Apiphobia is fear toward bees.



Believe it or not i didn't sleep tonight because of a cockroach. which after our first counter, i found another one. bigger. and before i kill it. i ran out of my room for half an hour. tbh.

yeah. i think i'll have to admit that  i have fears to cockroach. i mean like not that i don't have any fear with other stuffs or animals etc.. i'm scared to bees as well. but i use to be scared but not to the point that my heart felt like it going to burst prematurely, sweating like pigs without doing anything, and i couldn't even closed my eyes. imagining these cockroaches flying on my face and go into my nose and ears. and my eyes suddenly can see clearly in the dark im not going to lie. and i can spot them immediately. in the dark. and i killed one, a male i guess. but this anxiety started when a female cockroach flying toward me on my bed and i was momentarily speechless at the moment she flew across my bed with those yellow eggs on her buttock. and when i killed the one just now, i know the female is still there and i'm absolutely dead. she will give birth to thousand progeny and they will enter my body and take control of my body. good bye world. if anything happened to me, you know what is the reason. yes. it is the cockroach. 
seriously, i never have this kind of feeling before. this intense phobia. and now i know how one of my friend feels.when i was in boarding school, we used to kill lots of cockroach and this one particular roomate really have this fear toward cockroaches. he would just go outside and wait till we already kill them. and when i think about it. i think he infected me with this phobia. he used to tell us how disgusting cockroaches are and now i feel that cockroaches are badass aliens came from hell.i really want to sleep. but i can't. damn it.


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