Is Having Close Friends a Crime?

It is the end of our mid semester break and i'm never better. i'd been thinking lately. i always tweet and complaining about stuffs that happened in my life which is obviously showing my bad side. and thats what happen to us. the so called Y generation. we seldom talk about these problems that we're having but we keep them and instead of sharing them to someone, we shared them to everyone. to the whole world. and waiting for someone to understand and actually pretend that they care. pathetic isn't it? i realised that having closed friends are way better than having billions of friends online. 

Friends online. this is one of the changes that we have to deal with and take them as normal. no kidding. but to be honest, i don't really fond of it and i don't know why i'm feeling damn sad about this. i know i'm just being too childish and whatever you call it. i love having friends just like ted in HIMYM series. is it wrong to have such friends? people nowadays seriously lack of this element. to care. to be sensitive. all the stuffs needed in a relationship. where did they gone to? i wonder.

p/s another UNIMAS student died early this morning in an accident. sooner this thing will be so frequent and become so normal that no one care anymore. thats how the world is moving on for now.


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