How to Deal With Stress.

I don't know if these gonna help you guys to deal with stress and pressure during examination period, but they help me a lots.

first of all. in any possible way, when i'm sad and stressed out, i'll force myself to laugh. or if it is so damn hard, a smile would do.
and i remembered last sunday when i went to the church for mass, and i was alone, i was so stressed people lookin at me as if i'm so lonely (but i was lonely). and i suddenly laughed, which i regret it because they made this kind of face that showed "aaaahhhhhh no wonder he is alone" kind of face. which is very not funny.

Second thing that i used to do is just have a short walk. go outside of you room, to the toilet etc. it will helps a lil. and while you're walking, try to laugh a lil too. 

last one i used to take something sweet. candies, chocolates, marshmallows. i know it sounds girly but to some extend when you really need something to help you, this might actually work.and again, while eating these foods, try laugh while you eat.

p/s i'm having my biostatistic exam for tomorrow. wish me luck!


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