d'Cove Pasir Panjang Outing.

well i was thinking on what i'm going to talk about actually. but then like leonard said, "less talking. more pictures". alright.  and so this is some of the pictures during my outing to D'Cove Pasir Panjang. well i figured out that no one know about this place. not even my fellow Kuching-ians. funny right. and tbh, i don't know where did my facilitator know this place. but the pictures were nice and lots of people were there too. and i was able to elope from this one thing in college. and i was so damn happy for doing that. don't ask why. and as you can see, i used 'tbh' earlier. that was the first time used that 'tbh' in this blog. yeah call me weird. yes i am. 

and yeah. the only things we did, apart from all the o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l things, was eating. i don't know why did i always ended with people who love eating. funny very funny. and no wonder i get so healthy by times. but they have pretty high metabolism and so yeah they're quite fit. damn it. i should stop talking.

p/s i'll post more pics later. and yesterday after a very long time of not eating chicken. i went to KFC and took in dinner plate. but thankfully, i'll never like chicken anymore after those nasty taste chicken. well you know they like re-fried the foods they sell. so i get two chicken breast and a drumstick which two was very not good but good for me because i'm NOT going to love eating them again. win-win situation for me. ciao


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