Old Friends Meet-up

To be honest this semester is seriously free, for me. or i actually make it seems free. did i? idk. maybe i'm just being a little bit better in planning things. maybe. and so last yesterday i went out with my childhood friends. or should i say my best friend when i was young? yes i think that is better. i don't know why i changed so much when i'm being with them like seriously different person. or did i change so much since then? i don't know. well they are my friends since 15 years ago. we talk about everything that had change, what happened to us and to our batch, Edmundians 01/06. and we all agreed that we're all so old already. lots of our juniors already get married and have kids. and we're all still studying like a primary school students. no doubt. last Wednesday, my co-curriculum activity was drawing. yeap. i draw an aeroplane. the objective was i think to support the family members of the MH370's passengers. yeah they are still missing with the plane. if my family is inside that plane, i don't know whether i'm able to act normal. every moments will be horrible.   

back to the story.

and we went around kuching. Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat. should i repeat it again? lol. yeah. Eat. whenever we met since our childhood, we eat. we love to eat. and here some of the pictures.

This is the Kota Magherita. im not sure is that the right spelling. look small isn't??

 This is DUN. awesome isn't it?

p/s oh yeah. we always laugh too. we laugh. laugh. laugh. laugh.laugh.laugh.laugh.laugh.laugh.


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