My Favourite Wife by Tony Parsons

My Favourite Wife by Tony Parsons. The first Tony's book that i'd read was Man and Boy like, five years ago. and yeah i love the way he writes too. A real life scene in a very thin book. it make me realize the real life that we're living now. where there are nothing like bright, rainbows and laughter all times. life is cruel and we, human are weak. thats all i could say about it. and i learned a lot too. ways of being a real man. 

Its about a family starting a new life in Shanghai. Bill Holden, an UK lawyer bring his only wife and daughter, Becca and Holly Holden to China for a better life. Better income. But life in Shanghai is lot more different that when you let your guard down, you can be swept away with be continued.. 

p/s when i went to Smart book store at Summer mall this morning, i saw collections of Tony's books and i think i know where my BB1M will go.


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