My 20th Birthday Post.

Okay, there's nothing much that i want to say actually. to be honest. well this new semester i'd been a lil bit busy because i have my 3 days of weekend. well. i want that and yes my weekdays are seriously pack. but i like it. and my classes are not that far apart from each other. the problem that might come out is when if all of the classes have the presentation on the same day. then i'll be dead meat. 

so, last 2 days was my birthday. it was the lamest of all. no kidding. and i'd no idea how to make it better. but i was extremely grateful for all these great people who did wish me. and no doubt. i miss them too. 
well these are my EDC gay buddies. haha. miss them so much. and believe it or not, i thought that no one remember me. seriously. i was so sad that day that i thought like keeping myself in a zombie mode as i was damn busy with my 7am-5pm schedule and 9pm till late night exco meeting. well, i didn't expect them to be remembering it too btw. its damn hard to get an internet connection here in my place unless by using maxis and digi (i think), because celcom data plan here is awful. no kidding. like idk. for some is people it is just fine. maybe the line hate me. or was it my phone's problem. 

when i checked on the edc facebook group page a day later, then i saw this screen capture by toro and i was feeling dmn guilty for all the thinking i did on my birthday. how could i did that. i'm so ashamed with myself. and i am so happy to remember all of their voices. like seriously i did remember and imagine how they would actually wished me in real life. i know it sound creepy and i never want you to even get that. they all call me with different names. and i missed that a lot. damn LOT. like i know i'm getting older and i feel older. i know that i have to be matured. and this place make me feel matured and i don't actually like it. everything is just like a movie sometime. i just go on with it. nothing can be done. 

and this year for the first time of all. i didn't get any birthday present. none. at. all. maybe yeah. i didn't make any best friend i think. or was it my best friends are the type that are not really into these childish things. like giving hadiah etc.. and they didn't even sing the happy birthday song for me, (which i felt so funny). but i'm still thankful that they are still being friend with me. i may sound damn childish, but i think that it is useful of having this kind of friendship. friends help you anytime you want. just when you make the friendship important. there is no use of having lots of friend and you feel so great about that but then no one even look at you when you're not well. that's how i think about it. till then, ciao.

p/s just came back from doing my groceries at summer mall. and i spend less than 30 for 2 full-packed plastic bags! 


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