Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult

Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult. Well I think that especially for book-lovers, for sure most of you great people already read at least one or more of her books (and for some, all maybe?). and sadly for me, this is my first Picoult's that i ever read. never knew that it is so nice. the moment i touch the book by the side of it, where the title was, i really thought that i was a love story. change of heart. i really thought that it might be about a couple who get married and then having a change of heart and end up with a divorce. but then, it was completely different! and i get excited of it and read it for 2 days. well i guess the other books by her might be about love stories and stories about life (i think). but this, to me, is very nice. the way JP writes make it look real and it make my mind bursting with thought. who knows right there are people outside there who are so good to take the responsibility of other's fault. up to the extreme to get into jail and get a death sentences. while you're completely innocence. i get my adrenaline rush like running from a mad dog! jokin. and she add something like magic inside too, which i, seriously love. if you're thinking of reading some book, i would suggest you to read this, or buy one copy of it. i just borrowed it from the local library.

okay. to describe it al by words, its about life, sacrifice, love, religion, spiritual, history and law. There are Shay Bourne, Father Michael Wright, Maggie Bloom, June Nealon, Claire Nealon, Elizabeth Nealon, Kurt Nealon, Dr. Christian Gallagher, Dudley and Oliver. Dudley is June Nealon family dog, while Oliver is the ACLU lawyer, Maggie's home rabbit. 

well, to make it easier i'll just explain it all. Shay was a young teenager at that time, which had a bad juvenile record of killing his foster father by putting their house in a blaze. and by reading a record like that, one couldn't even think the bright side of someone. we too, i suppose will do the same thing. we judge people. he was then sentenced to death by the court for killing two person, a man and an under-age girl after been caught for sexually abusing her. the reason was, he was told to be having this little girl panties in his pocket and kill the man. but it was actually a being-at-the-wrong-place case. The unfortunate girl was Elizabeth Nealon and the father was Kurt, a police officer. Later, 11 years after the sentence, the year his death sentence was suppose to be held. Father Michael, a spiritual advisor was called to meet Shay like everyday when he needed it. And as funny how life treats us, Michael was actually one of the 10 panel from local who voted him to be dead. but of course it was before he became a priest. then here, Shay suddenly wanted to donate his heart to the lil poor girl, Claire Nealon, who has heart problem. and yes she is Elizabeth's younger sister, which is Jude and Kurt's daughter. as a mother and wife who loses her daughter and husband, she hates Shay and hope for his death to be faster. and she refuse the heart at first.

then the story goes on. you really have to read it. seriouslyy. ok. sorry for the cliff hanger. ciao



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