The Gap

i don't actually quite understand what is happening to our life recently. why is everything seems to be so, should i call it ordinary? not plain boring, but just too normal. i'm not used to that. i'd always been on the weird side, hipster. but i think since i enter college, did i changed that much? or was it i hold myself too much. i don't get it myself too. i realize that the gap is huge. but i remain the same when i'm tweeting etc.. what is this? sign of aging?

its funny sometimes when i thought that old people don't used their social networking recklessly but some didn't. most did the same things like younger people did too. some of them share like almost everything about their life on facebook. some to the extend of "when you didn't be friend of me in facebook then i'll not be a friend of you in the real life". this kind of things are absolutely shocking. like, seriously? these are just my opinions. i'm greatly sorry for everything.

not just the way i behave but my interest changed too. told you my gap is huge. remember years back then when the usage of DSLR was a great hit. like it is everyone's dream of having one. i did too. and i even get a compact camera just to make it easy for me to take pictures. and i really have time for that i assume. Then, you can call me a terrible book lover. i love reading books, i love buying books. i remember when Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix book was out. i didnt't bought it but i borrowed it from my friend and read it like only for 2 days nonstop without sleeping, only stop for eating, drinkin and taking bath. i love those times. where we didn't have our assignments like now. imagination runs wild back then. but i think when i grow up till now, that i'm not even call as a teenager any longer. i don't even have the urge to do these stuffs anymore. maybe my inner self said that, i didn't get anything in return for doing it i guess. that must be it. 

i think this will be a longer post. i'll add more to this sooner. so sleepy.

p/s i'm thinking of getting my hair bald. will that be a good idea or bad one.


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