The Brain

I thought that when im at home, i'll update my blog everyday, every hours but i didn't. because  lots of things happened and i just couldn't write it into words. lol. actually i really want to share about how it is so important for us to take care of our own precious brain. some just don't even care about their brain. but i  have some friends who get seriously mad when i just lay a hand on their head. like seriously mad showing how they really take care of their brain. no kidding. and these are the friends who are taking MBBS now in UM. i'm just so lucky to be their friends since secondary school. and yeah i have to admit that i missed studying together with them. great fellas.

okay, it is not that i want to brag that i care of my own brain but i really think that is crucial for us to be aware of the health of out brain. our brain is a living part of our body too. cancerous cell etc.. can develop inside our head too. some people out there said that when you are dumb then you'll forever dumb. but i'm not completely believe in that. i think that if the brain is taken care of since an early stage it would not be as inactive as it is now for some. Well these are my opinions. The brain should be train by exercising it always. by not thinking recklessly. train your brain to think, to remember and to memorize. as i am aware of it, there're these kind of people nowadays, thinking for problem solving, remember for social studies, and memorizing for actual science students. but the perfect brain condition is when you can balance the three of these. why i'm telling about these? because some people just couldn't even receive information other than concerning their own life. which is not good. when you know which type of person you are, then you'll know which part you should take. Whether you're going to further studies in engineering, science, social, math, etc.. never jump into something while not knowing anything.

Besides that, the brain is alive and it needs food. remember people said that we are what we eat? not that we'll turn into burger if we eat one. but if we eat something that is good for the brain, than a healthy brain we'll get. that's how it works. i found this from the Online College and i think it is quite good. 100 Foods to Make you Smarter, Happier, and More Productive . well, i hope this will be a great help to those who are having difficulties in studies. i think it worth a try right?

p/s  it is great watching my childhood movies. feeling younger again lol


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