Nuffnang Exclusive Giveaway - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

my first semester as a degree student is over. final is over too. my feeling now? bliss. but let me tell you the better part of it.

before my degree years i'd always been trying my best to not doing something foolish or should i say, wasting my time on the internet. for example, scrolling the facebook or twitter for hours without doing anything significant. and i even once said that, i want to deactivate my facebook profile because it really distract me all the time. (while before this, the usage of facebook had never been so important in my educational prospect because my teachers didn't use it for educational purposes). but yeah things have change and now, i followed a lots of groups, there are more than 5 groups all concerning my university life. one is for the faculty, course, groups etc.. which i don't have anything to say about it. and to be honest i still don't like it because it is too much things happening inside there which annoys me always. like why would i have to see people complaining on the groups or people selling things there like seriously? because for me, if a person want to buy something, they will search for it, and yeah, they will buy it from the groups which sells things, not an educational group like this. pffft. well. human. i can deal with this. if it wasn't because of this, i would have deactivate my facebook account ages ago. haha. 

but back to my story for today. and the bright side of me for not deactivating my facebook account is i won the second prize of Nuffnang Exclusive Giveaway - The secret Life of Walter Mitty!! haha. And so in this opportunity i really want to thanks all my friend who did help me liked my comment on the post. THANKS SO MUCH! and thanks to Nuffnang too for this, you make me feel good. like i was not actually serious about winning this. and tho that i actually want the first prize, the only thing that i want to get is the book. lol and so yeah i won the walter mitty backpack, shirt, and 2 double tickets. nice right. and this is, i think, how i solve my problem of wasting my time on social networks. i joined these contests by trusted websites or companies. and i think that it is a good thing too. who wouldn't want a free gifts right? and guess what? i also won another stuff.

haha i won the rm100 sushi king voucher by HungyGoWhere Malaysia. tho they spelled my name wrongly there lol. i joined this just for fun when my friend leo told me about it and i won it like so unbelievable. couldn't wait for these to reach home. lasty, keep calm and eat sushi. ciao


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