Happy New Year People!! 2014

Happy New Year PEOPLE!! yeap it is 2014 like i really couldn't believe it that at this time, last year, i went to the KLCC to watch the countdown with the crowd and go back feeling all the bacteria all over my body. haha of all things huh i remember only the bacteria. lol seriously it felt so fast. the memories are extremely fresh. i can still recall what i said, what i did on this moment a year ago.

2013 was an extremely challenging year for me like serious sh**. no kidding. all events occurred with the word "extremely" at the start haha. for example, extremely happy, extremely excited, extremely expensive, extremely lovable, extremely delicious, etc.. and the negative events occurred too. these events really taught me lots of new stuff that i might don't know before. i thought that i was old enough that i can live alone. i went to lots of places thinking that i really can stand on my own feet. but at the end of the day, i still need my family, my parents to soothe me. life is unpredictable. and we, humans too, are unpredictable.

but that's the past right. nothing can be done. and know what?? i'm turning older this year. i'm no longer a teenager. could you believe that. it's sucks that i feel so old. yeah i feel so old and when i see a 17 years old kid said that they are so old. i was thinking then, what are we right now then? ancient. so well when people ask me next time, i'll say that i'm ancient. a relic! lol. i did a lots of thinking today after i made a new year eve phone call with my parents. like seriously a very long thinking. my dad's condition really had waken me up from my previous self. no matter how much we ensure ourselves that we're young and believe that people always said "you still have long way to go". it will always be different for each and everyone of us. and that. really wake me up. i stop smiling and laughing uselessly and take a very deep breath. i'm scared. scared of the unclear future awaits. 

again they say that, we don't have to think of the future. just go on with whatever it is. i was wondering. really? what if you're wrong? and you're not there to tell me that you're wrong? this make me think that i have to do a lots of things this year not just for my sake but for my family and my friends. i just realize that i always do things aimlessly or should i say without reasons. but now i get it and i'll do my best in everything i do next. we always need a reason for doing something. and this is what i lack. 

so here some of the wishlists or should i say aims? for this new year. 

Comfort. I really want to have more comfort and be a comfort to others. 

Super power. 

and yeah wait for the greatest changes that i want to do this year.

i really want to start being a vegetarian. sounds funny right, and even my roommate said that it was absolutely impossible to do it. but i think that it will worth a try. not that i'm just having fun or something, i'm being serious. if it is better for me, for my health. why not right? and my wishlist this year seems to be so weird i guess haha wish me the best of luck people! lastly, keep calm and read cell biology notes. ciao.

p/s i didn't celebrate the new year celebration but i have a great time with great people. as always. and there are lots of mosquitoes tonight. bet the pest are all out to celebrate the new year too!


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