The Hobbit: the desolation of the Smaug

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and i went to watch the Hobbits too! it was awesome. like i havent watch movies at the cinema for months now and as i walked into the hall all these memories came out and i feel like an alien im not gonna lie. but the boring part was that the other audiences were not that supporting like they don't even laugh at the funny parts. or shout at the suspense part. and i was like, opening my mouth to shout on purpose but then hold it, hold it, look to the left and right then close it back. and sit like a good pup. 
but the story was great and i'm satisfied. although its kind of showing more passionate side of the story i guess? Legolas, Tauriel, Kili and the effect of the precious ring upon Mr Bilbo Baggins and the capture of the wizard Gandalf by the orcs. i really assume that all these happened because of gandalf. why do he have to ask the dwarf to take back their city and bring the hobbit to the mountain where bilbo get the ring and the evil power rise due to the presence of the ring. well this is the story lol.

 i love that they didn't show their walking so much (or was is because they didn't?) and how they really know how to attract people to watch their next part which is full with suspense. but the bad side was that ( i think ) they didn't show so much the dwarf characteristic. no singing of the lonely mountain etc.. (maybe because people already know those stuff). but overall i love it. no doubt. 

well, after a very long while. and i couldn't believe it too. like i used to go watching movies with my friends like all the time. well, the sign of aging maybe. lol. but yeah, yesterday was my beloved mom's birthday. and they had their birthday dinner without me. i'll get used to that. it couldn't be helped that i'm not having my holiday this festive seasons. what can this pathetic powerless brat do right? but its great to hear that they are just fine. my sisters are going back home too. jealous? of course i am. who wouldn't? with all the homemade dishes.  smell of Christmas and home. 

well this post really make a great change in my mood (dmn it!). but nothing can be done right now. keep calm and study for final. ciao!


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