Merry Christmas Eve People!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 Elvin Ennosi 0 Comments

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because i'm not having my Christmas at home. and actually i don't even have any holiday now. when you guys are happily having yours. i'm sitting here like a robot doing the same things and this is what happening yesterday in samarahan.
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it was raining like water fall. i'm not gonna lie. and my feeling was like, "what am i going to do now". like constantly all the time. and the night that i was suppose to be sleeping like a log was ruined by crazy brats who didn't want to sleep but drag the whole college residents to stay awake with them with their crazy noises. i'm not mad but, seriously. dude. really??! i need my sleep as crucially as i need oxygen to breath. and now i feel like sleeping the whole day instead of studying. but i can deal with this. so people, if you're by chance leaving in an apartment, boarding school etc.. please consider about others too like its not your daddy's world you're living in. it is own by everyone. please don't follow these people's ignorance and negativity. (as if i'm perfect.)

well forget about that, it is the 24th of December today. its Christmas Eve!! and again i'm not doing my house chores because i'm not at home at the moment. so sad. and in fact it is the second Christmas that i'm not at home. this is my last year Christmas post. hahahaha and of course thats the edited one and there's nothing in it really. don't click it. if you want to click, please click the ads on the side of the blog. it reminds me of the dramas that occurred at that time which i'm not going to embarrass myself telling. haha! but this year, it'll be a lil bit different i guess. i can feel it. i'll be having a very intimate Christmas celebration just with my beloved parents here. haha sorry sisters, i stole them away from you guys. just for this 3 days and it will meant the world for me. i really want to make it the best Christmas ever without the stress but i really don't know how. without car, etc.. as if i'm handicapped. but i think i'll just have my best moment with dad and mom because i really think that among all of us, i'm the one with the less time with them. sad isn't it?
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and i don't know why i suddenly thought of wanting a Christmas present. like this is not me at all. i really want to have a pug or a bulldog terrier or the best one a Yorkshire terrier. i even think about it during my burned sleep-time all the time. like i really don't know why. the feeling is so intense i'm not gonna lie. and that is absolutely dmn weird.

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p/s  heard someone made a Christmas call and it was so sad.  i feel you stranger.


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