since i  was young, one of the things that i really love and hope to do during Christmas seasons is the Christmas movies. no doubt. i would just sit in front of the tv and sit the whole day if i could! but no, we have open house during christmas and lots, LOTS of our relatives and friends coming to visit. not my friends really, my parents'. 

And so, finally this morning i watched Frozen. Finally. I love it because it reminds me of Tangled? maybe. but it's really is a musical movie. it remind me of the old movies where they sing to their heart content. like malay movies back then also filled with singing scenes. (don't lie) but of course in frozen, like the others too (Tangled) the songs are amazing. and i really love how they make the Queen, Elsa as a good character. rather than the common snow queen which are absolutely wicked.

In Frozen, Elsa, the Snow Queen, at first was told to keep her power to herself and not to use it. After the incident, where she accidentally froze her sister, Anna on the head. Her parents the king and queen told her to keep her power and asked the troll for help. which ended with the deleting of the memories of Elsa having power from Anna. While, of course Elsa grew up locked in a room, unable to control her power, due to not even practicing it i guess.

Anna and Elsa grew up without meeting each other. Their parents were probably dead,  lost in the sea. and who is the next in throne? of course, the beautiful cursed Elsa. well no one know about her power now, without her parents. even Anna don't know a thing about her. but things happened Anna suddenly brought Hans, a prince from another kingdom and asked her for blessing, they want to get married. Elsa said no because Anna just met him not come to one day and Anna became angry asking her why she always keep others away, provoking Elsa and Elsa couldn't keep her power anymore and ended with people thought that she was a witch. Elsa ran away up to the mountain, and release her power. the first time in her life, she feels that she's free and alive. she build everything from a castle to the bridges from ice. and she was happy. that's the most important thing. but she haven't learn how to exactly control her power yet. yet.

As expected, Anna went to save her ever-beloved sister, Elsa the queen up to the mountain with a horse. then she met another guy named Kristoff. (who is her real true love). then they went and met Olaf, a snowman made by Elsa. this reminds Anna of her childhood with Elsa. and then yeah i guess she remembers a bit of the lost memories. they went up together to the castle and met Elsa. again things happened and Elsa struck her ice power to Anna again, but this time, right straight to Anna's heart. Anna went back, sick and Kristoff brought her to meet the trolls where the trolls thought that he brought his girlfriend. then the Grandfather troll told that he couldn't help him and that only a kiss of true love can help defroze the frozen heart. well they thought that Hans was her true love, so Kristoff went back to the kingdom and brought Anna back to Hans where Hans revealed his true colour and intentions. He actually never love her and just want to rule the kingdom. He left Anna frozen on the room, locked it and lied to all the ministers that, Anna was dead, killed by her sister Elsa. He influenced the others in the kingdom to hate Elsa and gave a death sentence to Elsa.

Then things happened and then, then.. then.. then... i think you better watch it yourself. it was AWESOME! what i love is the Christmas feeling and the singing. It was worth the waiting. really. and i really hope to watch it 3D but yeah imagination before everything! lastly keep calm and eat pop corns. ciao.

p/s Olaff is so funny.


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