Bulatan Gembira (happy circle)

hey guys. last sunday, on the 15th of December, 2013 we from the spiritual exco (kerohanian) held an event called the "Bulatan Gembira" which is done with the aim to spread the spirit of unity among the residence of Allamanda Residential College. Al of us are quite new to this kind of stuff, i meant the members of the exco, and we really didn't quite sure of what to do because most people thought that the activities that our exco are doing are all for the Muslim only (which is not true!). While half of the exco members are non-Muslim. and we really don't know what activity that we are suppose to do!

We targeted that only 50 residents will be coming due to the time that the program was held which was Sunday evening (well we didn't expect people to leave their sound nap just to join us). and yeah, the people coming were less that what we predicted. sad isn't? but well i guess we didn't loss anything. we get the merit, people who came get the merits. so its actually a complete loss for them really. and we didn't even charge them for the activity (compared to the other organizer). hehe.. but i think the program went just fine. people were participating and it was fun.  

i really don't know how are we going to fund our next activity next semester. because we didn't charge people right, but i think we'll get through this haha. we also made a game during the program, which is whenever a particular song is played, 3 person have to run to the 3 chairs provided to get some prizes. sound so childish but it was fun. just to make the program lest boring and i told you the participants are quite supportive (which i don't know why?) haha.

but i guess i know why. everyone is dying to get more merits to stay in college for next semester. everything is quite limited here. even if you say that you plan on staying out of uni next semester, it's not as easy as saying. even the houses outside of college are limited. imagine if you don't have place to stay and you have to rent far away from uni. that's why people (some) are dying to stay in college. i guess. but the one things that i don't get the most is that why local people who have their own house here also fight to stay in college. i will never get that. well i guess they have their own reasons maybe, financial etc..

so for interested residents, we are happy to have you guys to join our programs next semester. we already have our programs planned for you to join us. lastly, keep calm and fight for merits! ciao


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