47 Ronin


well hello there. last night before we send my friend, leo to airport. (he's back in kl this morning so lucky!) we went to watch 47 Ronin at GSC City One Kuching. well its friday night what do you expect right. it was so great that i didn't think that it would be this great. i love it. the fights and magics. love it that i feel like watching for the second time! lol. now that's too much.

so in 47 Ronin basically, its about the story of 47 Ronin; samurai without leader. they have something like tournament between this two clan the Ako and the Tsuwano. (well this is what the shogun said in the movie, tho the real one is about the two domain). The 2 daimyo have to prepare a fighting contest like that during the Shogun visit i think. but, unfortunately, the tsuwano people used witchcraft to win it and to succeed his intentions of ruling the whole Japan. but first he has to kill the Ako's lord. things happened but they didn't know that the Ako's Lord have a half breed under his wing, which promised to take care of the Lord's safety as his purpose of life. his name was Kai, a child of a local lady with a merchants and was left to die on the forest where he was taught by the demon i guess. i don't know what they are. look like the blue avatar for me LOL. then things happened and i really think u better watch it yourself. it was awesome! sorry i have no time..

okay, i'll be dmn busy for final and i feel like i'll stop updating for a while and i really hope u guys still visit my blog and help me clicking the ads! hehe thanks! lastly, keep calm and eat apple. ciao.

p/s the CGI is actually quite nice and Kai's fast moving magic and the witch's flying reminds me of the Death Eater in Harry Potter.


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