2014 BBWolf Preview Pass!!

heyyyy know what?

Thanks Big Bad Wolf!! for choosing me as the lucky winner of next year preview pass. haha i don't know what to say. this morning biha told me that my another friend, nafsia won the preview pass for this year BBW preview pass and i said wow so jealous that she's so lucky. then suddenly this evening, nafsia (out of nowhere) send me a message telling that i won the 2014 preview pass. LOL. what a day this is. yeah, i won the 2014 BBW preview pass. i'm so excited that i really don't know why. maybe because this is the first time i won this kind of thing (maybe). or was it because i already finished all my assignment and there is no more lectures for this semester. i just don't know which one exactly making me feel like this. all mix together. but the most important part is that i'm happy. hahaha lastly, keep calm and wait for the preview pass. ciao
im not gonna sleep tonight LOL

p/s next time i'll win a greater prizes! haha


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