Long way to go.

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.
that'll describe everything i'm going on right now. well. i think for the first time i feel that i fall into the deepest hole for my entire life. i think that it'll be okay if i just failed my exam and just go for ordinary path like taking for diploma rather than the one i took. but i choose not to regret. because it's not that i haven't tried. but i think just like the others who didn't get any place at the moment for the first intake surely feel horrible. well. we're not that idiot i guess to even accept all these glares and mocking faces. but i just couldn't even care about it anymore. why? no one holds your life except God Himself. human have no right to even criticize others. because all have the ups and down of life. just please don't mock or down grading people, prejudice without reason as if you're the best most perfect person in the whole world. but if you actually are, then i don't mind. go on and may God bless you. 

and i know i have a very long way to go.


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