why is our feelin so reckless.

well, live goes on. and today, i reckon i'd kill someone. i'm not certain but i think i just hurt someone's feeling. and i'm absolutely sorry for all this inconvenience  i think that all of us here know that words kill. it is sharper than the sword bla bla bla. just a simple wrong word can turn the world upside down. leaving the scar deep. and i am not feelin as it is now. all things went extremely not okay today. awkward. and i just realise that i'm not the only one in this world that are sensitive. there are lot more out there. and this time, i nailed it. they react. always thought that it was always me. me who are being so sensitive. so reckless but no. im not alone. well in the brighter part, i'm a bit relax because i just  know that apart from me, someone out there also feel like i do. all this pressure. peer problems. but the only thing that i think made me worst is that im just being too honest. i say everything that i think i should say. they, even they don't like the sight of me, they just keep quiet and move on. they  don't even have an attempt to be closer as to be best friend. it is not something normal i guess and later when this thing over, they'll just go and forget about me. i'd tried to endure. but they just couldn't understand me. and that make me feel sad. i love them as a friend. i understand how they think. but they never try to understand me. i always give in for them. but i always wonder why can't they realize these sacrifices? i don't want to be some random stranger who came to them and give some presents out of nowhere. i want to be their best of friend. how sad i always am when i'm being with them, they will never even consider asking. they will just say, "don't space yourself out from us". if it doesn't because that i think about this again and again, i would just went down killing myself. and now, i think that being alone is the best solution for this. i need spaces and time. 


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