Remember When You Read For The First Time?

Do you still when was the first time you read? do you start on looking pictures? or you naturally all go crazy finding letters? it was exciting really to think on how this brain works when we're still young and  small. so adventurous. lots of questions. everything is questionable. and most part of it. so innocent. haha. but to be honest tho that i can read in an early age i don't favour it! haha. i still remember that i was forced to learn reading and writing. i don't know whether you guys have it or not but there are these ermm should i call it a sequel?  of reading material number 1 to 24 i think. yeah from easy to very hard. reading. reading them again and again. writing? learning to write was one and the most memorable thing ever as they were awfully hurtful. my parents were so strict about it and they were so demanding plus they really like to compare. haha but i love them. i know that between me and my sister my handwriting was the worst haha. yeah. but i think that's normal what, i'm a boy. and tho that i hate comparing. i compared my handwriting with my friends at school and i thought mine was kind of better then some of them. so what's the big deal? 

but actually these are not the thing that i want to tell today. i am actually asking on how did you start to like reading? well. if you don't like reading it's absolutely impossible for you to even read up to here. or in a simple question, when was it really? when i was little i really don't like reading.  why? haha my dad gave me reader's digest to read. == imagine that. a kid reading that heavy materials. even my English tutor was surprised when i told her that i read them now. yeah and i was pretty stubborn kid back then.  tho that both of my parents are English teacher, we don't speak English at home. funny isn't? and i knew that when my dad saw other kid speak fluently in English he'll look at me with frustration. haha. but mind you, not all of these speaking-English kids actually get an A in their English test. =,= i wondered why. but there's one thing that i actually think that it's funny. how did i understand this language? i understood it quite easily. but of course there are lots of words that i don't know. but understanding the lines had never been hard for me. some, like the old English literature, that's hard lah, have you ever read one? Shakespeare?   

but i started to like reading when i was in 4th grade. i was 10 back then. a friend of mine borrowed me a harry potter book. the first one. it was the first time i read a pretty think one. well, for a kid. then i got excited as i understood the passages. the feelin thrilled me. and i thought that i really like reading. after that, i always go to the library to get some books. tho that i know that sometimes it was a total inconvenience to send me to the library. but i just love going there. borrowing some books. and it was so funny that once, i even asked my dad to photocopy the whole book as i love the story. but i don't know where it is now. i don't know it was a crime back then tho. but the funny thing here was that, when my parents realize that i love reading, they bought me lots of kid books. and i just couldn't stop laughin to myself. yeah, some pretty cheap one. but they were better than nothing right? and i read them all. again and again knowing that my parents love and care for me. and i'll never forget that. because they didn't buy any for my sisters hahahahahaha.

and the thing that i really proud of myself even when i was little was that i seldom ask for things. because i knew that it would be a no no. and i will not ask for it will broke my heart. for examples to buy all of those boys' toys like psp, yoyo, etc.. all of those games that were so famous at that time. and because my dad really don't like seing me playing. i really don't know why. and so, i always play alone. but i'm actually quite good with tactics. i'll ask for things that my dad also like to do. for example, i asked him for fishing rod. and he bought me one. really for kid one lah. and we will go fishing. i love it. haha. 

but then about my reading. yeah i went so far after that. i just really love to read and i started buying books using my allowance haha.  at least rather than buying useless thing right. and i realize that's the reason why i understand people easily. when i read, i met lots of people. k, till then. heroes don't really live.

and yeah i bought some more books =,=


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