Inspiring People - not so much of a motivational slot

when we grow up, we (should) have seen or meet someone or somebody that are quite inspiring to us. and as i grow up, i seems to be meeting these people in a way that id never even expect it. sometimes, or in my case for most of the time, people keep one inspiring me. from peers to my lecturers. they actually have done nothing like giving me a motivation slots or something, no. not like that. but they just show it to me naturally and that always amaze me. some, i might say, some look not so great that i always jump to conclusion to not like them. some sort of a personalities difference. but. they might inspire you. you just have to seek for a space in your heart to realize things like this. 

i met this particular lecturer and he's an associate professor or if you know him, PMS. he is currently my tutor for algebra and calculus. the first time i met him i already made up my mind to not so getting involve with him in class or etc.. bad student didn't i. why? because people keep on telling bad things about him on how he always talk a lots in class (not really teaching). these kind of comments really affect people' judgement and to be honest its not a good thing. so i started being prejudice toward him. but. as time goes by and he teaches us. i actually starting to like and i actually respect him more than the other lecturers. he gives people hope and he knows. he thinks differently. he shows that he really want to help. through his story. to open people minds. but people don't actually get it. i don't know what had gotten into those people' mind but i actually am feeling bad now whenever people said bad things about him. he is a visionary man. that, i'm certain. and again to be honest. i don't actually favour people coming to you and preach. i know its actually our role as one with a religion. but sometimes, you really have to think. all of us are human. we think. we observe. we don't like people coming to you urging you to convert. that's a total insanity. and that he does the different way. he shows it. not that i want to convert or something but i really like the way he preach and he's a muslim. so silent and almost unnoticed. as a multiracial country this is a great example. we respect others. we don't go to the street, give them money or punch them so that they'll convert. thats insane. think. no religion in this entire world tells people to  do bad things. all are human. people have their right to choose. if they are given the light from God to be in that path, so be it. but people tend to criticize and that sadden me lots. and back to the story, this prof never do reckless things that most youngster nowadays always do. and i'm pretty sure that they think that they are currently doing something great in their path. by looking down and criticizing other people who aren't together with them in their path? not all people are bad to begin with. there are pagan out there that are so great keep on doing charities. what says you, the so-called great people? but yeah no one is perfect, but we can try be one. we just have to find a space in our heart to accept things. 

if by chance you're given an opportunity to study abroad. and you tend to say that you're a great believer in your religion. and when its time to take a bath. you see people taking bath naked, either a guy or a girl. what will you do? will you mock and get angry to them? or punch them? sayin that those are not a good thing? think. we can't stop the entire world. people, like me will respect people in the most angelic way. prof didn't do anything so great. he just act the way his religion told them to do. respect. but yeah youngster nowadays have so may thing to learn. but most don't as they think that they are true. others will always be wrong. just like the recently "listen, listen, listen' events. i know that she didn't really meant it but thats the great example of how Malaysian nowadays i suppose? but i hope someone will read this and think about it. i know in a way i might be wrong and if you think that im wrong just pray for me. there's no need to shout and kill me. that will never solve the problem. 

we should never stop trying. i know that. all of us know that. but who have done it? all of us need a spark actually. and when others spark it for you, you have to keep the flame alive. that's our job. and i know that's my problem too. i tried but not so overwhelming. i didn't try hard enough. and that, i'm ashamed of. 


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