Golden Night Part 1

feelin exhausted and empty. sad and regret. and happy in the same time. we had our golden night yesterday and it was awesome. and i learned lots of things. and i saw lots of things too. apart from seeing people in their best outfits, i met their characters, personalities. there's no one to blame on if you think that the theme for the annual dinner is not of your liking as it was the product of unity. all vote for the theme. and the majority picked that one. if you don't like it form the start you should just fight for it from the start. but you stay quite and said something intriguing at the back like a kid. and that's your problems. to remind you guys, you can't stop the world from rolling. 

i'm not mad of something haha. i was just feeling bad when this thing had been held for all of us to be happy and enjoy. to cherish all the moments. and you went on commenting people, spoiling the others mood. i don't know where did you spring up from, but seriously the traits that you brought along is not favourable. is it hard for you to accept that everyone are different? why do you want people to be just like you? so proud. i really don't get it. when i came early to pwtc yesterday i was completely lost on what am i going to wear. i brought my simple coat and a robe. griffindor one that i bought from ebay. and so i know that i don't have the courage to wear the robe, so i wore the coat instead and when met my friends, i was expecting to hear something pleasant, but i heard the other way around. they really had nailed it. spoiling others mood. 

i really don't get it. really. really. and that before they see me wearing my robe. maybe because they haven't seen people wearing other things later that night. because there were lots of people wearing coats and blazers, some wore their prince costume, being a pirate etc.. people do what they want to do and just let it be. the theme was enchanted btw. as i was talking to them, they commented one student who wore an easter bunny outfit. saying that he will be the only one wearing costume like that. and etc.. spoiling people moods. 

but i wore my harry potter robe anyway and when they saw me wearing those robe, i know what they think. but who cares. do i care if their performance was the lamest among all the performances? do i care? do i said something that hurt their feeling? nope. i still have respect and they're still my best friend. but i don't know what they think of me. and that i don't care anymore. their selfish personalities? i'd been building up my resistance to that. so its okay. i'll just ignore that characters. and pics? later haha


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