Compassion Walk 2013

Yesterday i woke up pretty early, not with my own accord but i heard to the sound of the knocking door like the sound of bullets. lol. i thought that it was my roomate but then i realize that it was my friend Ivan when i saw his slippers. yeah i sign in to join the so called Compassion Walk. a mission made for all catholic youth here in KL. and that i know later. up in the morning and before that, i know nothing. haha i know nothing about what are we going to be doing, what are this thing all about. the only thing that i have in mind is that, it will be going to be good.

and so i went and with a lil bit of reluctant, walk to the lrt station from our college. i thought that there will be people taking us there, but no. we walk. and we waited for all the others contestant from um who are joining to come. and i told my friend earlier that, don't be worry lah, because the others will be much more late compare to us. remember me telling about our trip to cameron? where i waited for 3 hours? lol. so funny. then we went to the kl central. from there we walked again to the Holy Rosary church KL. which are located at jln tun sambanthan. there we met lots of other contestants wearing purple t-shirt. and so we went registering and get our own as well,  with a name tag. hahaha a big one. then, crushing my heart and soul, we were given out into groups. but  fortunately i was in the same group with ivan. so okay lah. we ice breaking, a very  matured one. not like kid in easter camps. seriously. and they are so old too, ranging to 19 to 21. but then the discussion went well. and then our facilitator told us what we were actually going to do. to ask people questions at the petaling street. =,= but of course la got our permission from the police here, thats why we were asked to wear the purple t-shirt and our name tags at all time. So from the HRC we continue our walk to the petaling street. 

we started to ask people questions that were given to us. but not to debate. just to ask. about abortion. war. and lots of other situations. just to ask not to gaduh2 one lah. and we're not suppose to jot them down or something. i felt really weird about it. really. like people are getting weird to see us asking. like main2 sj. but we did it anyway. but there are reason for all of these. and lots of things that i realize myself too. the petaling street that people are used to be passing by is actually not the real petalling street. the real one is at the back of all those stalls. and when we're ask to ask to people, we didnt even bother to go there. we did tho but not quite because it was so scary. to me. the place looks so damp and in shadow. i realize how much i, judge people by their looks. i picked people to ask. who knows the bad looking guy actually have the answers that you are looking for? this relates to Jesus when he went around searching of people. he didn't meet only the good guys. "only the sick needs help". the bad and the sinner need helps. yeah i agree that i was wrong. i judge people a lot that day.

but what the organizer was trying to teach us is to show us the suffering and how we adapt to temptation. we're not allowed to buy anything. but actually some did. == to show how jesus fast for 40 days with temptation from the satan. and so we did. i was like, "mannn i really wanna get me myself one of those". hahaha seriously. the air mata kucing etc... blergh. i'll go there this weekend i guess hahaha. something like that lah. but seriously i was exhausted. extremely. then from petaling street we walked to the St. Anthony's church kl. then we had some snacks and some discussion on what we get. the answers. then we attended mass. it was great. all wearing the same purple t-shirt. amazing. all youth for kl diocese to gather here. then, we went back. we went to eat at the amcorp mall near the taman jaya lrt station. to eat at the atap-atap. my seniors said that it is a popular place. but idk. hahahaha my bad. then we went back to um. suddenly they bawa jalan kaki balik. and i was like, "whatttt!!!". but   i walked anyway.

and then well you know everyone do not stay at the same college right so, i went to the route usually for us the 12th college. then they shouted, "eh, del, not yet. pitstop". the hell i know what that meant. but i followed anyway. but then, as i walk and walk. i heard noises then i get it. they want to prank my friend chris! it was his birthday two days before that. no wonder lah. and i went excited too. but then, suddenly someone grab my hand and ikat kain on my eyes. and i was seriously surprised to that. and i was like, "hey salah orang. salah orang! im not chris!". something like that. i know that they wanna surprise chris but not me. i was so like whatt?!  and so i walked in the dark. they guide me lah. they asked me to jump i jump. go run, i run. something like that. then i know where they are bringin me. to the lake. i know that i don't know how to swim and so i kept on saying that  i don't know how to swim. i was really nervous. but then it went greatly tho. they baling some flour to us and etc.. but i was so happy. really. i really appreciate their effort. tho that i know that i actually get the tempias. they actually just want to surprise chris. not me. because someone slip it out that night. he said, "untong la dale..". i was not planned to be surprise that night. but im thankful tho. and i know that im not so like-able either. during the walk, all the other people are with chris while only brandon, heaster, and kelly with me. so sad isn't? but i don't really care. no one ever did that to me tho. so. i like it. thats why i said it is better not to do it to me. things like these are so not like-able. it is so out of the line. then we ate the cake and i get diarrhea later that night. my stomach. haih.    


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