My 2012 Vacation #1

yayerz. it's 2013 already. it seems to be so lame as a start. haha life goes on as it always been. but thats okay. and i havent update about my vacation last year. well. last year, after sem 1 i went to lots of places. not alone lah. but i actually really feel lonely. haha sampai time naik roller coaster kat genting tu buat muka blurrrr memanjang. seyesly hambar kalau x jalan ngan kawan or family that r close to us. jalan haritu pun ngan my friends (not so closed), ex-school and her brothers. ok lets start. this is not about genting. thats the later part. this is cameron highland. the journey started spiral and spiral all the way. 


this was the place we stayed for the trip. we rented two apartment. one for the boys, the other for the girls. 

as you can see, it's raining raining and raining..

we make our food on our home. just like being at home. but we still go out and eat too. haha

these are all my seniors. all great people too. med eng students. 

well, as we all know these strawberries and all the veges are the attraction here. it is cold here but kinda getting hotter. and  thats not a good thing. some of them even used water spray to lift up the humidity. 

right. this is from left : mizuro n syl.  and one more.... they're from RPKJ. um too. of the same age with me but different program. thanks goodness they join too because i'll be complete exotic alone among these seniors. haha

 BHART is actually Boneo holiday aramaitee trip. ekceli it was organised by my senior here in um. and as i was the only one pasum yg tak balik, i meant among my friend, so i was the only one coming. but thanks goodness got budak rpkj gak join benda ni. so kinda okay. haha. being with these great people really made me think again and again. how wonderful it is to be here in um. u struggle and get what you want. i really am sad with myself. haha. but what can i do right. the future del! the future, right. we went to cameron highland. i really hope that like you know the way there was like naik bukit then sampai. but but but, unfortunately it went all spiral and spiral. again and again. dizzy dizzy dizzy. but thanks goodness im used to it. we went by using two bus and both of them were packed! it was fun but the only thing that i don't like was the whether. nak hujan je memanjang. ==" and it was cold. haha. no fan no air conditioner. the objective of this trip was actually so that all the bornean people feel like at home. being together. do things together. masak2. nyanyi2,  then bbq. we did lots of things together, we even did some running man. hahahahaha in the early of the morning. but the conclusion, it was a great and fun trip. and i love it. then time balik dari cameron highland tu, we went to mandi kat perak. surprisingly. haha kat lata kinjang. and tho the day was raining, we still go mandi. it was fun. then time nak balik um we went to hulu selangor kat kampung kuantan ke ape ntah to see fireflies. awesome gila tengah2 malam. and i was thinking, if my family know this, im going to be dead haha. because i don't know how to swim. but things went on quite fine. and we were safe back to um that night too.   


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