Happy New Year!!

Happy new year people!! i really am excited for this new year. i was really like that yesterday hahahahahaha all things surely be different. obviously. as this year after foundation, we'll be heading to our own direction. it will be something you know so mature. so adult. and i really, honestly, going to miss all my friend here in pasum. i actually did make  some friends here. i never know that i'm pretty good in making friends. haha. 

and this made me so hard to make decisions sometimes when i have to choose to whom am i going to hang out with. let me tell you about my friends. i don't know what's wrong with me but i have friends which came from different group. first of course my ex school mates, my buddies from smsl. then all my christian friends. third is my groupmates. id tried once you know to like combine all of these people together ending getting them frustrated with me. but that's an old story haha. all wanna watch movies, then i said yes to all. met at the gsc mid valley then suddenly, all don't want to watch the same movies. different taste. well, i still have to choose between them didnt i? but i already forgot i went with whom. haha

i just really can't figure it out sometimes on to how extent would someone go racist. or so you know so like "that's his friend, not my friend". i just want all to be friend. but maybe it is just me. or i don't know. but now, i'd made my mind. i don't care about it anymore. i'll just go. they call me, i'll just go. they call me, i don't want to go, i'll not go. i just don't favour making my mind go spiral and spiral for useless things. i'm not good in multitasking. i just figure it out last year hahhaaha. 

yesterday was awesome. i went with my groupmates. and my exgroupmates. kasha, azam, sue, una, ainur n sue's roomate. haha i forgot her name. we went to klcc to see the countdown. well i'd never been in one here. so i'd been planning for it. i want to bring all my Borneo friends but they already have their plan. formerly my plan, bbq with them on christmas but they occupied themselves with senior's activities. and now for the new year eve, the same. but itsa good thing tho. for i don't want to think about it too much. my intention was actually to do something that we never do. but may be they don't like it, i don't know. why should i know. so i'll just will never say anything. they're big enough. enough of the heart breaking things. honestly last year, haha they broke my heart to pieces thousands times but i just kept quiet. they will just never understand. thats why i realise that when you are close to someone, your bad side will come out. haha. so i'd made a conclusion to not be so close anyone. be friend naturally. if it was meant to be that you'll get close to them, they will just be it. it will be. so just go on with the flow and be yourself. they like you, they will tell. and you can tell too. so all best for this new year. hope all things will be better and all of us will be blessed. adios!
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see this picture? i'm one of those tiny crowd! haha


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