have been thinking about what is my best memories so far. lots actually, especially all the "first timers" things. but the bad side of these for me is that you will never feel the excitement anymore. this is bad, this is really really bad. so how am i gonna live my life in the future?? im dead meat didn't i? all thing will be boring. like now im not even have the mood of going to the amusement park anymore. kinda boring. haha. now im into traveling to place that id never been before. but here comes the problem, i don't feel like doing it because i haven't got my camera. so stupid i am didnt i? i keep on hoping to get a dslr but i know its  not so important. not wise elvin. okay. lots of thing happened lately. so many thing. smpai tak terkira n aku seyesly sgt couldn't believe this. masa yg berlalu. did i done right? tidak. manusia tetap manusia. tak perlu nak tunjuk baik sgt lah. semua tahu diri kita sendiri. and the latest activity that i joined so far was caroling. to come? nativity sketch. *baling kapak* dont ask how i involve in this. what i wanna tell here is that all of these are not things that i used to be doing. used to be committing in. i never join one and now i feel like dying. i meant the sketch. caroling hari tu sumpah best. it was fun but only the singing part. we on the 16th december 2012 we went to two house. first kat rumah eagle eyes. second old folk home. yg old folk home tu okay because we only came to sing. but yg first tu sumpah scary. and it seemed to be that my senior did tricked us. hahahaha they told us that it was house for children. but it is grown up people and i was really not ready mentally and physically. but to be honest, it was my best experience so far in this field. to be social with this people. it was a great time. i felt that nak nangis pun ada. some nangis kot. maybe terharu that we came. they are left by their family. sedih kn. but who wanna judge people. maybe family diorang pun susah gk. so the best way to help is just by saying a prayer. but no pictures were allowed so no. 

but i talk about our pasum programme on the 15th of december 2012. sumpah penat. actually x lh penat sgt pun but id made me myself penat. lulz, nak salahkn spe kn? haha sape suruh baik sgt org mintak tolong walau diri sibuk nak jugak tolong. see how good we are? haha forget it. tau dh hari sabtu tu kitorg will be working as ajk sukaneka, pagi tu jam 12am sebelum hari sabtu tu kitorg tolong lagi senior dgree buat booth sarawak/sabah. tolong build the rumah panjang. we thought that we just came to help you know sikit2. tolong lekat2 skit. but then we help but starting from the very first beginning. the post. and i was actually crying but because we're so damn good hahahahaha. he help anyway. although we knew that we aren't gonna get any merit for it. haha then pagi the next day i woke up lambat gilaaaa. we're suppose to be at the office at 7.30am but i woke up at 8 in the morning! i ran everywhere and i reached padang kolej 1 at 8.20am. quite good isn't? jauh kot. i know that i work as time keeper that day and before the event, i was under the publisiti and sponsor bureau. and i worked hard for it. but i dont know what happened, maybe because we didn't get much sponsor, they, the other ajk or whatever benci gila ngan kitorng. and i was really like seriously?? but i made the posters tho and i worked. we're suppose to get 2 kupon for merit but when we asked for it, they said, "korang ajk publlisiti tak buat keje sgt pun, so takyah lah.". tak korang bengang org ckp cmni? kalau nak org keje sgt bgtau la tak puas hati ke ape ke. ni tak. then if nak kitorang cari sponsor tu banyak2 cakap je la. ni tak. then my ketua pun satu gak, i already asked him do you want any help? but he still stick to what those people said that bagi je nama syarikat then the office will handle the other thing. know what? these are bullshit. arahan ni yg tak betul. then when i asked my ketua, dia jawab kat aku cm tu lah. so nak salahkn siapa? and to add to that. keje aku double triple kot. time sukaneka tu dah lah time keeper. aku angkat gak hampers bagai kutip sampah tho ni keje special forces. ayat "tak buat keje sgt". tu sumpah annoying. takkan lah nak lapor semua benda kat dia kot. angkat botol satu bgtau dia yg i took those bottles? gitu? i really can't believe this. but i actually had forgot it. x perlu nak fikir sangat org cm ni. haha. 


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