Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012

right. it was a great day today i went to the big bad wolf sale in the mines Serdang with sab. it was a bliss really seeing lots of books, so cheap. and i really was speechless. as if i wanna buy all of them. but id told myself to buy only 10 but i bought more than that (add the $5 one haha). but the sad thing is that i just know that for these two last day. tomorrow 23rd of December is suppose to be the last day and "rumours" said it that they might be selling the books for just rm3!!! do i have to go again tomorrow :3 i'm dumbfounded. and when i think about it again. i should be buying more books. but id bought lots already. but when i think that the price is so cheap and questions like "when will you get another opportunity like this?" but i think its a no no then. but i'm satisfied. haha imagine a hard cover fully illustrated with a magazine paper book version of Dan Brown just for rm15? and this is for real. they might cost about more than 80 normal price! and that's what i call as a bliss. and i just couldn't stop smiling since then. berat pun kesah apa. haha. and i bought something for mom too. a cotton bag. i reckon she'll love it. heh. 


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