Ice-skating Sunway pyramid.

okay. no more exam mode activated. no more no more no more. our final exam for our first semester is over. but i don't know how to react to it. lots of reasons for it so im not gonna spoil my mood for now. i'll tall about it later.

yesterday we went to the sunway pyramid, just to go around. having fun. window shopping etc.. window shopping which ended a fatal for me. lol. i shopped a lots. my initial attention was actually to find a suitable purple-coloured shirt for me to wear during my sister wedding this coming 1st of December. but i bought short pants and t-shirt which are not even my intention. just because they are affordable, i thought it would be just fine for me to buy them. but yeah i ended crying like a fool and i haven't bought one purple shirt. 

okay, this is when we were inside the mini bus. i honestly had never thought that it would be fast.. and so dangerous too. i felt like dying inside it hahahahahaha. the way they drive it is beyond my comprehension. gasping for air. hahahahaha. 
this is eugene and jess at burger king.

from the left : eugene, ifan, bryan, jess. all of us are first-timers and we really are excited at that time. haaha

then we went back to um about 11 pm and were exhausted. but it was so enjoying tho.

lol. my first impression. i thought that i definitely will fall on the cold-wet floor. but i didn't! im proud of myself for that. haha. i was scared for a moment but then thanks goodness i told myself to be calm. and i suddenly remember how it was to be using a roller-blade. haha all of those old days. and i feel that i want to do it again and again. haha. well it was my first time ice skating. then~


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