me with a HORSE's EYES

haha.. morning peeps. when i woke up this morning, i was like "k i accidentally slept again =='". and my eyes were like that horse. lol. i didnt sleep too much i guess but seems enough as i don't usually sleep so long. and i was feeling sad with myself. i started to think again, imagining about my future. am i the only one iin this world to be so serious in thinking about this? i'd never heard one speaking about this topic here. they're great people i guess. i think it might be about the personalities. remember me telling about types of people? some talk about people. some talk about themselves. while other talk about education and stuff. when am i going to start making education stuff as a topic or discussion? when? i wonder. talking about personalities. there will always be that particular personality that you will always repel. as if repelling each other. i honestly automatically repel  against these people. i can't help it really.sometime it just get tough and i really can't stand it. but. some love these personalities. they will get along. nicely.some, "i will follow you.....follow you wherever you may goo......". funny isn't? rationalism. where were you in this hour?  

i most of the time just know it. if something is going to happen. but i just move on with it. is studying abroad that good? it is tougher and i know that. but i know that it is better too. so much better. well you know typical malaysian. we like to hang out too much talking nonsense most of the time. study sikit cakap je banyak. lol. yeah the environment. how to change that? no no no i don't think we can put our hand on that. change ourselves then just let the rest to His hand. he will do it, when we really meant it. k, keep calm and study. pasumians, 16days left for our final.


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