FESKUM again with awesome PASUM

some of the drawings by um students. looks great.  

 the closed booth. lol

yeah. i went to the feskum again. and again. but with different people. lol. but today i really wanna post this because i took pictures of them. haha. these people i call them as "the awesome pasum". lol these are my friend which mostly are from sarawak. christian. and so we were suppose to be going to the persatuan anak sarawak booth to daftar ourselves to be one of the members. but but but, they already closed. unfortunate really. i went there earlier but at the wrong place. i went to their stall which i thought where they might be. and i'd wasted my time there. and i wasted my money too. the foods were so tempting. and i honestly couldn't be bothered to buy some. lol. so after visiting the closed booth we went to buy some takoyaki. lol. malaysian takoyaki. which should look like this :
i didn't buy any tako but we waited for almost half an hour for it. =='. and i have no other choice but to spend money buying food and drinks again. ==' tho i know i shouldn't.


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