FESKUM 2012. future

 the 12th college 

I went to the feskum today. right after i paid my fee at the bank. then i realize that my matrix number in the system was still my old one. so yeah. i kinda like bloody hate it. and i'd never really able to access the e-spectrum. so, it is kinda troublesome for me to copy all the things from my friends. all the notes and stuff. but yeah no one is perfect. and i know that. so as i finally have the opportunity to go to the office i asked about it and then then then. so its my fault too actually. lol

i never really notice this. haha. my bad. so so so bad. so i'd done this and i hope all work as it should be. lol. 

then about feskum. you know. people think differently, right and so am i. when i went to the feskum suddenly i felt chilly and nervous. nervous about everything. future. i was so jealous to see all those people. great people to be able to graduate. it was awesome really. i watched them and imagining myself on those robes until i was honed as i walked to the other side of the road. lol nak mati awal? to be able to graduate, and even in um is something like a far far away dream. i hope i can. no, of course i can. i just realize these couple of days, that i'm just being too negative to myself. keep on saying that i can't do it. why? because i get not so good average of grades in my midsem results. but i threw them all, my worries to my friends. and some who get even worst grades were being more positive than me. and they even motivated me. and i really appreciate that. and if i am to be successful in the future, it is all credits to you guys. i'll noted this to myself.  


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