Diamond Jubilee of PKVUM

So it happened to be that we rushed back to the 12th to get ready for the event in the evening as we were so so so late because of those takoyakis. lol. it was the PKVUM's 60th years anniversary. or the diamond jubilee. awesome right? wait till i tell the stories.  

 we wrote some wish for pkvum and stick them here.  
 there you go, the awesome pasum. they look better without me lol,
 this is roro with our senior, abe.
credit : bernard FB
 there you go. a monsta in the middle. absolute rare creature.

 the t-shirt was awesome. but not until i wore it. ==' and it was sold at $20. not free k.

 i'm speechless lol.

 credit : bernard fb
 credit : bernard fb
credit : bernard fb

you must be wondering what are they doing right. haha. those are actually all the president and representative for each interval of time since the first time pkvum was born. amazing really. and each of them were hold a candle each to represent the time pkv had been through these years. and we clapped our hand for a minute, which equivalent to 60 seconds. and just hear about it already gives me the chilly feelin. imagine. from the start of pkvum, 60 years ago and they still wanna come back here to um. but actually pkvum was formed in UM which was actually in Singapore back then. then in i guest, as singapore didn't joint malaysia, they moved in here to pj. they told the whole story, which some about the christian community even came out in the history channel. awesome right. it amazed me. and we hear all these great ex-president stories. and lot of them captured my heart. and i really thank you Lord for telling me to come. i was hesitating a lot actually.

some of the thing that touched me, "this kind of fellowship will extinct without someone hold the torch". but i don't remember which president told us that. and as usually there will be dark and light, thin and thick of a communities. but they managed to overcome it by taking verse from the bible itself which i don't remember. but it was about, no matter where you come from, origin with different ethics and behaviors, but when we have the same believe, we just have to unite. be one. no need to be so full to oneself. i love that. and when we are in this fellowship, don't forget about the outsiders. the non-christian. they're still human and we're human too. we still need each other. and participate in other activities too. not just in pkvum's only. and let us be the best example for the others. no matter what happened, people mock us or etc.. have faith and believe. He will always be there.  

now  to be honest i really feel that i really hope that i was to enter um in my first year degree and not now, in pasum. because being in pasum, seing all this are giving me too much hope that i'll be here while the future is not clear yet. and it is so so so hard to enter um as pasum students. sad isn't. but i really love being in um. i don't know why. really. but i'll try my best tho.

as i said earlier i was actually hesitating myself from going to this event but end up saying, "this should cost more than $15. they invited more than 5 speakers. imagine. and thanks God for his presence today. it really means a lot to me. 


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