MLBerambeh n finals is coming. Pray for me.

aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.. for final. how am i going to do it i dont know how. but is seems to be that i'll be going cripple to the exam hall next month. break a leg or two!. have to. and i know the consequences if i'm not doing good. we'll be kick out. they never done them before, but now they will. and the competition is on. but know what there will never be "justice" or "fair" in love and war. our batch will always be laboratory mice. so we're used to it.

last two night we went to the majlis lan berambih at PWTC. to meet our chief minister, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud. its kinda awesome really. all the sarawakian students mostly came to the event. and we met lots of our friends. but sadly not me la. haha.. my friends not so much from sarawak kot. that's why. but i met some bisaya tho. but moch older than me la. but there is this one girl, that said something so unpredictable to me. idk but she seems to be you know menghina tahap gaban and idk what have i done wrong to her. "how come you're here?". with that face of her. lol. but i take it as a joke la. haha.. well. bisaya will always be one. but i'm kinda happy to meet lots of sarawak people. like that i miss being at our own place. and at the moment we sang the sarawak song, i was so so so overwhelm. i'd never sing it for 5 years!. how i miss it. haha but i forgot some of the lines tho. hahaha my bad. naaaa meet my friends. the photogenic one. lol.

and now meet my idol. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

haha.. i still remember the moment i knew that he was coming to um, but just a day after he came. i was so frustrated. i really want to meet him. he came to um for the MHS first year degree student. not fair right. well we are the tikus makmal batch after all. why would they care about our feeling anyway anyhow. lol.. okay, now i should be doing things that i have to do. study study study.. 3 weeks left. and i'm dead if i keep on giving reasons and k i'll stop. happy sunday guys!


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