LOL.. mind if i just go?

I used to be in a condition you know where when you was actually the victim but when you react to the situation it become worst, you're the bad guy. tho you know the exact thing. i really don't get it. just because of me,  a mere object. they start saying, "everything have changed", "i thought we were brothers". etc..etc.. and they didn't meet up every night like before. just because of me? i don't get that. why do they have to react? while they don't need me. even if i'm not there, they still can meet up. as they use to. i don't meet them often. as i remember. but they use to meet up together. they just never see me as a "presence" that they have to wait for. so why bother? and put the blame on me? i can't see any link to that at all. i just don't get it. why do they have to be so emotional to see me? what have i did wrong? i was just going away before something bad happened. that's my way of solving the problem that i'm in. i'm not stupid enough. just so you know. when you're so irritated and you just stay still like a doll. let yourself been kill bit by bit. you know negative feedback mechanism. and they best thing when you're my friend. i forgive and forget. and i used to ignore things too. but when i is something so irritating that i can't stand it, why do i have to just follow what you bloody will say? you never follow what i say. so its kinda fair enough already. so please just don't put the blame on me. please. don't kill me twice or thrice. 

so, remember that tho that i used to smile and laugh before. please be considerate. think about others' feeling too. don't just put yourself up high, and ask people to do according to your hope and etc.. don't you realize that people just keep on going away? or tho they don't tell you, they just keep it to themselves to let you feel good with yourself. mirrors are everywhere. check yourself out. no one is perfect. 


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