IndepenDENT Day@TSquare

i'd never know that life would be so fast. you know what i meant. this time, last year i would be lying in my bed, exhausted after all the independent day celebrations and activities at school. imagine. now that i'm here.  lots of things surely changed. yesterday i went to times square with all my friends to celebrate roro's birthday. haha she was born on the independent day. best tak? best laa.. every birthday got firework. haha. tho they weren't for her, actually. heh but yesterday, i tell you. was the first time ever i sing so like crazy. with the upcoming results of mid-term exams, i sing more like shouting. arghhhhhhh. singin for 3 hours like a boss. we used the big one and it was reaaly cossy. each and everyone of us have to pay $21 :O gilakan. the taxes and services fee were damn expensive. roro was not supposed to be paying because it was her birthday but. who will pay the rest? so i gave my paid la for the service and taxes. and then i think roro realize that, she paid it to me. but i gave it back. i think that will be her birthday present afterall. because obviously i didn't bought her any. haha my bad. but i seriously can't understand it. really. because my friend calculated the fee and divided it to 13 of us, the fee is including the taxes and service. but why not enough? or was there anyone who didn't pay for it? well idk. but i lost $50 there. ==' 

then ni mmg aku nak ckap fsl ni. hahaha we were in a man's wear shop. and suddenly  when i turn around, i terlanggar with someone. or so i thought and i said, "sorry." to that guy. then my friends laugh at me. then, i realized that it was my own reflection on the mirror. =='. stupid things ever. hahahaha

i was actually planning to be in a super save mode. no more over use of money etc..etc.. you know what i meant. okay next. neo will be coming to kl today but i don't know what the time is. they will never tell me anyway. forget about it. but i really want to hang out with the edc so much actually. its kinda missing them badly. yeah. that's the correct one. but when i'm with them, i'm feeling that it's weird. idk. i'm not used with them? really? that's spectacularly weird. haha kidding. but one thing that i feel and realize that was changing is that, i'd never study with them now. i used to. see? living in boarding school. studying together. i need them obviously. but they didn't. so it's kinda hard for me. it's ain't easy to force someone to help you. some like to study alone. some just so greedy. idk why. and the people that i'm hanging out right now are a bunch of great students. i tell you. and me? what i did was just copying their works most of the time. because, they also can't help teaching me. and i really don't get that. they can answer the questions given but when i ask, they don't know it. weird really. but sometimes ada la jawab sket. but appreciate them tho they didn't help me to understand the subjects. so  i'm desperate to find someone to help me in my studies. if can like you know study together la. not as i paksa dia to teach me. no no no. but whatever it is. i have to figure it by myself. its my problem. and not that i didn't understand a thing, and not that i never did my works myself, i did. but not all of them.

k, these are some of the pictures taken some from early of this year, some from last year. haha
 look closer haha. i also don't know how on earth did i look so mature here. haha. and i miss that hair. haha. it was a great moment. after receiving the spm result and we are doing our party at the beach. bbq etc.. some baru balik dari plkn. salihin from semenanjung balik labuan. it was awesome. heh

meet from left : apep, toro, me, mirul

we're waiting for the girls to come.

lepak kat uk. seriously doing nothing here actually. 

the boys from Class 5 Cendekiawan. batch 07/11. 

the boys from Class 4 Cendekiawan. batch 07/11.

ni time sambut raya kat rumah kode. haha hujan time ni sanggup gak lari dari bas masuk rumah. lol.. gila. and it was so awesome. the warden let us go out! even at night!.

then, this is at my uncle's wedding. me and my sister last year. candid of me and my sister sleeping. so long waiting for the bride and groom. haha


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