i'd found my conclusion on what right to do.

i think just forget it then. not worthy to even worry about it i guest. and i'm positive that they didn't think that they hurt me because that is who they are. so i'm not going to change people personalities. do i have to? naaaa. hahahaha. so, just leave it be like that. they with their great behavior and mine, the bad one. hehe. yup, they have their life. and im not going to stop them from doing it. tho it annoyed me to the extent that i want to, you know, choke till i die. its suffocating really. actually. but, just let them have their live. and i'm not going to ask, about tutorials, etc.. again. i'll stop being a burden to them. i know who i am. who am i compared to them. so, so, so you know. i know its my problems. im not good enough, like them, they dont need help. while i need help. i need their help. and here start the problem. when they didnt want to help me. and i'm annoyed. but after being alone for days? i went to lots of place to think on what's the right action that i have to do. you know. rational. what do i have to do? so, i end up with conclusions that, i'll just leave them with whatever they are. live as usual. no more think of they dont help me or whatever. they have their right. yeah. and that lifted my soul for the rest of the day. i'm okay now. hahahahaha happy as ever. and even my buddies from utp, the utpians are here since last day. and i'm really happy being with them. they cured my longiness. thanks guys!

hehe and here some facts that we have to know. haha it is so funny. k and btw. my neighbour tak habis dgn oppa gangnam stye die. arghhhhhh. haha

and so, peace to all. haha


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