Yeah Its Over.


hahahaha. ikr. i was just like " thewerrrrrrrfddddd????" midsem exams tis week. and i really dont know what to say. did i manage to do it well?? haha. i never did things right. seriously. haha. but im okay tho. 


 i think im being cool enough. i know i'd done nothing so  great and i know i'll never get 4 rata. and i didnt do my best in my bio, (which i should have been) over confident maybe. but when i realize it, it was just too late. i did it again. i pressure myself on things that i thought im lack in. so i put aside what i should have been prioritize in the first place. not wise isnt? yeah i am. why? idk. i just didn't get it at all. whats wrong with me? why so you know. i was just so ignorant. i  think i really need help on this. no motivation? or what? idk. i dont get it. and why?


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