This ain't working heh

the days have been incredibly tough this week. until all my tutorials are finished. heh cant imagine how excited and the feeling of releasing your stress are so awesome. love it. literally. for weeks id been like a crawling bat going to lectures and tutorials. seriously. i was exhausted, not enough sleep etc..
 and i was just like this during lectures and tutorials. 
well, its normal. as we are going to go back home this weekend. while some might have already reached home at the moment. yeaaahh not fair isnt. but who have the right to judge right. no one. but honestly mmg i want to slap their face hahahahaha kidding. 

ookay i thinks thats all  for now. soory for the bad english. haha im in a rush. ermm my friend once tolf me that "everyone love chocolate'. in think its not true tho. so here it goes. 


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